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Aparat profesional ultrasonic

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Ultrasonic--Facial Care, Eye Care, Breast Beauty, Waist Slimming This is a classical item with the function of ultrasonic for beauty use. The ultrasonic functions can help the human body absorb the supersonic, transfer the sound energy into heat energy. It provides stimulation for human skin, accelerates the metabolism, circulates the blood and lymphatic, activates the deep inside cell and improves the defense system. 1. The ultrasonic helps to discolor, and reduce the damaged area. 2. Because of its massage effect, it helps the skin to absorb nutritions. 3. It accelerates the partial blood circulation, improves the metabolism. 4. It dissolves hypodermic fat, accelerates the absorption, causes to discompose the agglomerated excessive water and fat, improve the situation of lower blepharoplasty and dark circles 5. It heals acne skin.

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